From Michael D. Jacobson

Bill Millinship’s son has just sent me details of the new site and I’m glad to see that old Obs. friends are still keeping in touch.

It’s particularly sad, though, that I have to give you the unhappy news that Harry Coen died last night. I’d be grateful if you would post this, because I know that many older people will remember him as a sub for quite a few years – only a Saturday “casual”, but well respected and still recalled with much affection.

A further sad irony is that yesterday was actually his 67th birthday.

He and I first met on the Sunday Times more than 30 years ago and had been friends ever since, also working together on Today and the Sunday and Daily Telegraph. I moved over to the Obs in late-1985 (fortunately for me, just before Wapping), and I think Harry came on board in early 1987. As far as I can remember, I think he was still there until the mid-1990s, anyway, since when he had been living permanently in France (in a village just south of Beaune).

Regretfully, it’s likely that I myself will have long since lost contact with most if not all of the Obs. friends in your group who might still remember me. I’ve been here since late-1990, though continued doing occasional shifts whenever I was back in London. For several years, however, I’ve had no reason to return to the UK, even for short trips. The only former colleagues with whom I’ve been in touch briefly are David Sinclair, Bob Low and David Gwyn Jones.