FOBS 2012

So we still survive! Nearly two years after the ‘Last Hurrah’, 25 colleagues met on 17 January 2012, for a lunchtime drink and sandwich just off Fleet Street. It was the first of what those involved hope will become regular gatherings – and an affirmation that Fobs (and the fellowship it represents) yet survives.

The venue, the St Bride’s Tavern, is “a small but clean” pub according to one review, tucked away off New Bridge Street but with a suitable private upstairs room. We easily covered the drinks cost with a system of £10 a head in the pot – perhaps members’ thirsts are waning with the passing years. Food was bought separately.

It was great to see friends from near and far, notably Sunanda Datta-Ray from Calcutta and Colin Smith from his island homes. Katharine Whitehorn, Bill Keegan, Stephen Pritchard and Neal Ascherson represented current Observer by-lines.

We discussed developing this website and keeping it updated. We need contributions about current or historical events in words and pictures.

Offerings should be emailed to Tony Mullins, who will enter them on the

Thanks to Ian Mather and Jonathan Hunt for suggesting this reunion.

Watch this space – we aim to do it again before too long. And please do email Tony if (as we hope someone will be) you are planning other Fobs events.

Pat Ferguson