Save St. Brides


The Rector of St Bride’s – known to most if not all FOBS members if only for Memorial Services – is warning that unless a further £300,000 is raised by Christmas the church may have to close at least temporarily.

Overall, the church needs to raise £2.5 million, but the £300,000 would complete the £1 million already raised to begin the most urgent restoration work.

A message from the church reads in part:

So why the appeal to save Christopher Wren’s masterpiece?

In simple terms the spire is falling down!


St Bride’s is one of the finest examples of Christopher Wren’s work which has stood for more than 300 years.

Wren’s tallest City church has survived world wars, decades of smoky chimneys, storms, gales and lightning, defiling by birds and post-war pile driving: no surprise then that its walls and tower have needed periodic strengthening.

Rusting of Wren’s original iron cramps, which hold the stones together, is breaking stone faces apart.

Damage to stonework causing falls of stone from the tower has now become of serious concern.

Grime has built up since the last cleaning 40 years ago and carbon more than an inch deep in places has accumulated in the iconic spire.

The interior of the church, untouched for more than 30 years, sorely needs attention.

The parish has to start fundraising now to carry out the vital conservation work during 2013 so essential to ensuring the future of St Bride’s through the 21st Century.”