This year we plan (at least under this committee) to hold the final Fobs pre-Christmas drinks at the St Brides Tavern. Be warned, the old pub is – like the Fobs committee – now no longer its former self.

It offers no food or even upstairs drinks – these must be purchased downstairs and carried up, so please make purchases of wine (or other booze you intend to drink) downstairs.

We will however, turn it into a wine-and-cheese party by providing the cheese and bread. This gesture is in part to replicate the Friday night drinks that was once staged in the picture library way before Fobs was yet a gleam in anyone’s eye. Could you also (for obvious reasons) let Tony know if you are coming.

The day will remain as ever, the first Wednesday in December (this year the 7th) at noon.

Finally, if anyone would like to take on the retiring committee’s job, just shout. You’d be very welcome – and inherit a box, mainly of old pix, passed from Gritta Weil!

See you on the 7th, we hope.

Farewell from Bob, Tony and Carol.